Electronics Club

A Makespace club for anyone interested in electronics and PCB design

How to design electronics sessions

Videos from a talks series on designing electronics, presented by Stephen Clemmet

PCB Layout (7)

How to layout a PCB so that it works and is reliable. Clock traces, where to put decoupling capacitors and deneral layout considerations for two and four layer PCBs.

Reliability (6)

The black art of electromagnetic compliance. Making sure your electronics work as well in the field as they do on the bench.

Sensors (5)

Live event at an electronics bench will include light/sound/temperature sensors and accelerometers.

Op-Amps (4)

A short talk on designing analogue operational amplifier electronics, followed by Q&A and general electronics chat. The event is at an electronics bench and includes positive/negative amplifiers and active filters.

Logic (3)

Logic electronic circuits don't always behave as we would like. We'll have some interesting experiments and a chat about all things 'logic'.

Timers (2)

Astable/monostable multivibrators, pulse width modulators, clock phase shifting, crystal oscillators and their harmonics.

Powering your designs (1)

How to power your circuits, covering power suppliers and batteries, with a few tips that you can use regularly.